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 Something writhes in the mass

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PostSubject: Something writhes in the mass   Fri Mar 21 2014, 05:50

Oh, it's me.

Hey guys, am still checking this forum out on a frequent basis in the hopes that there are still some olde tyme SWM'ers still out there!

Pilus, Zalon, Gladen and all the rest... think this forum could do with a bit of a dust-off for old time's sake!

If any of you fancy a bit of a natter (and some RP whilst yer at it) you can catch me over at the Prologue forums which are still going:

Unfortunately i'm not roleplaying at the moment as my computer can't handle it and am coming to the end of a masters degree.

But i'll drop by this forum at least weekly to keep an eye out on things Smile
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Something writhes in the mass
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