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 New Chapter

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PostSubject: New Chapter   Fri Dec 25 2009, 03:43

A new story...

A new conflict...

A fine hello to all you SWM members who still remain out there, and to any of you who are reading this i have here an RP oppertunity for those who detest the restrictions found on Scarshield Legion and retail warcraft in general...

In the aftermath of Epilogue's fall a number of members of the server decided to band together to keep its dream alive, to create an RP haven where customisation is in abundance...

Just to offer a few example of what New Chapter has to offer:

    New Lore-

    The server will be starting off from Vanilla, what happens between here and the Wrath of the Lich King is decided predominantly by the player-base!
    Does Illidan live? Do you finally kill off Van Cleef? YOU decide through player roleplay events and even new lore characters arise with new heroes and villians to play alongside!

    New areas-

    Ever noticed how dull it is in Goldshire, Razor Hill and Ratchet? With a special patch-system in place, New Chapter has put old areas under re-vamp, see Goldshire for the size it realistically is with a garrison, more houses, towers and even terrain edits with Booty Bay having another tier of buildings higher up on the bay-side!

    Dealing with lore-contradictions-

    Sick of sons of Illidan? Can't stand another Arthas offspring? With a dedicated GM team to deal with such issues you will be able to sleep with ease knowing that last half-dragon half-night elf has been seen to and even ret-conning can take place so you'll never have to worry about Death Knights wandering around Stormwind or members of the Alliance having picnics with their Horde counterparts

    Realism at a new level-

    one-shotting that Elwynn wolf just isn't that realistic at level 80 now is it? With New Chapter, the majority of creatures you see will be altered to prove more of a threat despite your starting level at 80 so your going to need some friends to take out Hogger again!
    Forget about having to grind that battleground for better quality gear, your stats are determined by your RP strength! With all stats removed from items and weapons what you choose is purely for looks, all stats are contained in special tiered necklaces which enable you to fight on a more equal footing

    A world of danger-

    With random chance taking effect! Wild beasts roam the woods and bandits scour the valleys and whilst you may think graveyards are an option, permanant deaths are not to far away so tread lightly roleplayers and keep your friends close at hand for you never know when that mine could collapse, a thief could attack you or a pack of wolves decend upon you in the woods!

    Player housing and guild-bases-

    Sick of squabbling over the limited amount of buildings on retail? Fear not for New Chapter has a resource system which enables both guilds and lone-wolf roleplayers to attain resources to sell or build with in order to construct bases capable of defending off enemy attacks from either GM-led NPCs or even other players!

This is just a fraction of what New Chapter has to offer so far...

So if i have by any chance piqued your interest and i sincirely hope i have...
Give me a PM on the forums or a poke on MSN and i'll give you the link to our website

The server is not up yet, we are currently going through closed beta and progressing at an amazing rate thanks to our development team though if you wish to ask me any more specific questions then please contact me on MSN at or simply leave your questions / comments in this thread and i will check back to answer you...

We look forward to seeing you in this New Chapter! *Salutes*

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PostSubject: Re: New Chapter   Mon Dec 28 2009, 00:32

You'll be seeing me there.
Scarshield is just dull.
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New Chapter
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