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 The Thuzadin rises again

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PostSubject: The Thuzadin rises again   Tue May 05 2009, 19:58

“In the dark corners of the kingdom, the Thuzadin remain broken and scattered. Now, after a series of events, a new dark master has risen to lead the Cult once again. Led by the “Baron”, they have been tasked by the Lich King to re-establish Scourge forces in Stormwind. They now seek new Acolytes the fuel their dark causes. Glory to the Scourge, glory to the Lich King!”

^ My larger recruitment message

Anyway, I got made leader of the Cult of the Thuzadin, which is very important to me. I am hoping to make it an active evil Scourge guild, but I’ll need more active members.
There is a lot of changes to come, but I want to get one message across:

Don’t expect the Cult to be exactly the same as it was because it wont. I will try to establish the same style of RP that the Cult had, but I’m a different person, so my RP is a little different (obviously). But if it helps I will try to adapt a lot of RP that the original cult had. So when (or if) the Cult gets active again, just /w me with any problems you want to share.

Right, so here’s the list of changes that have already happened:

-A few ranks have been changed, including their priorities and rights within the guild.
-The Tabard has been changed, it is now a white Skull with a crack down the middle, a Black background and a bone border.
-All members offline for at least 1 month shall be kicked unless they have a suitable reason.

Changes to come:

-Meetings will take place on a Thursday so they don’t clash with the Militia’s meeting on a Tuesday.
-There will probably be weekly events held on a Sunday, separate events may be held by House leaders and Overseers, see below:
-There will be 4 houses: “Blood, Unholy, Interrogation, Religion”. Because of this, there will only be four overseers, who will lead each house. After an Acolyte is promoted to Student he/she may join a house. There will be separate House meetings, arranged by their respective leaders.
-Only a certain number of Death Knights may join the guild, and those that do must be good Death Knight RPers or RPers I know and trust.
-More interactivity with the Militia. I want the Militia to know we’re back and that we’re a serious enemy.

That’s all I have for now. I’m working on some GHI items for the Cult aswell. If you have any questions or ideas please share them.
Also if you have any alts that could join the guild then send me a IC letter, I’ll then add you to my friends list and interview you when your next online. Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: The Thuzadin rises again   Wed May 06 2009, 11:40

Yey! The Cult is back!
I wish you good luck with rebuilding the guild since this server needs some "evil" RP Razz
If I can, I may want to join with one of my alts. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Thuzadin rises again   Wed May 06 2009, 19:31

Thanks Razz As i said, just send me an IC letter with your alts and we'll meet somewhere. Indeed, the server need some evil RP, but i know a lot of the Scourge legion members are interested in the cult and there is some talent there, so i'll keep my eyes open.
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PostSubject: Re: The Thuzadin rises again   

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The Thuzadin rises again
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