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 What happens at night.

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The Demoman


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PostSubject: What happens at night.   Sun Mar 08 2009, 05:30

This information contains Swedish so it has been Translated.

The following scene was taken around 03:00

Tommie(Iritian) Simon(Gotrick)

Quote :
Tommie: Men sökte du på det?
Simon: Mm
Simon: Är Shadow en tjej eller?
Tommie: Nej, det är det som är grejen.
Simon: ...
Simon: Men vadfasen
Simon: .
Tommie: I don't even wanna know what I get if I google it.
Simon: Jesus H Christ
Tommie: Hmm... EXPERIMENT!
Simon: Jaaa!
Tommie: Men det var ju inte så farligt
Simon: .."Inte så farligt"?
Tommie: Nä
Tommie: bara rivalitets bilder... Hur dom skulle se ut som Människor
Tommie: eh...
Tommie: uhm...
Simon: ...?
Tommie: *facepalms*
Tommie: Nä men det blev inga sådana, tur :3
Simon: Bra.
Simon: Du
Tommie: *coughsÄ
Simon: Det slog mig just.
Tommie: Hehe
Simon: Vad fasen gör vi egentligen?
Tommie: Vadå?
Simon: Sitter här klockan 3 på morgonen och letar efter Shadow/Sonic gay porr bilder o.o
Simon: I mean..
Tommie: ...
Simon: Just what the fuck?
Tommie: WoW Brist?
Tommie: *shifty eyes*
Simon: Maybe.
Tommie: Så det är detta vi skulle ha gjort om vi inte spelade WoW?
Simon: Rollspelat på Steam och tittat på Sonic porr? Tydligen
Tommie: Nämen... eh, inte porr direkt, kanske bara kollat på Youtube? *coughs*
Simon: Erotiska bilder?
Tommie: It is really Shadow and Sonic Innuendo
Simon: Dom verkar missförstådda
Tommie: Jo
Simon: Na-haw..
Tommie: Det är väl ändå bättre än att göra... faktist inte.
Simon: Hm... Nej, det är faktiskt inte det.
Tommie: Vi kunde ju har kollat på någoting värre
Tommie: Hehe...

Tommie: Did you search on it?
Simon: mm
Simon: Shadow is a girl or?
Tommie: No, that is what the gag is.
Simon: ...
Simon: What the hell
Simon: .
Tommie: I don't even wanna know what I get if I google it.
Simon: Jesus H Krist
Tommie: Hmm...EXPERIMENT!
Simon: Yees!
Tommie: That wasn't to bad.
Simon: .."Not to bad"?
Tommie: Nope.
Tommie: Only rival pictures... how they would look if they were human
Tommie: eh...
Tommie: Uhm...
Simon: ...?
Tommie: *facepalms*
Tommie: No, there weren't any of those, luckily.
Simon: Good.
Simon: Hey
Tommie: hehe
Simon: What the hell are we doing?
Tommie: What?
Simon: Sitting here 3 in the morning and are searching for Shadow/Sonic gay porno o.o
Simon: I mean...
Tommie: ...
Simon: Just what the fuck?
Tommie: Lack of WoW?
Simon: Maybe.
Tommie: So it is this what we would have been doing if we weren't playing Wow?
Simon: Roleplaying on Steam and watching Sonic porn? Apperantly.
Tommie: But... eh, not porn directly, maybe just watching on Youtube? *coughs*
Simon: Erotic pictures?
Tommie: It is really Shadow and Sonic Innuendo
Simon: They seem to be missunderstood
Tommie: Yeah
Simon: Na-haw..
Tommie: It is anyway better to do then to... actually not.
Simon: Hm... No, actually not that.
Tommie: We could have been watching something worse
Tommie: Hehe

The conclusion is: If you are on youtube and search for "Shadow and sonic are against the world" you'll get this.
Boredome strikes again.

My my... *coughs* Gotrick?

We then started to talk about hair.
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PostSubject: Re: What happens at night.   Sun Mar 08 2009, 05:37

This looks wierd. ._.
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PostSubject: Re: What happens at night.   Sun Mar 08 2009, 05:55

The Lord, the Mister and the Butler.

Simon: Starting to get tired, Mr. Black?
Tommie: Kind of, Lord of Mushroomturtles
Simon: Me also, let us discuss the matter of materia facing anti-materia, Mr. Black.
Tommie: *nods and lifts up a box*
Simon: Here, we have a box.
Simon: *points at the box*
Tommie: No, it's a Triangle.
Simon: *blinks*
Simon: Oh..
Simon: *coughs*
Simon: Here, we have a triangle.
Simon: *points at the triangle again*
Tommie: ... [low] A circle.
Simon: WHA- *coughs*
Simon: *clears throat*
Simon: Here, we have a shape.
Tommie: *pulls his nose*
Simon: *point at the shape*
Tommie: It is a box Mi'Lord.
Simon: It is a shape, and that's that!
Tommie: Hu hu... daller
Simon: And here.
Simon: *picks up another shape*
Simon: *looks at Mr. Black*
Tommie: *Youtubes fat people*
Tommie: Hehe... jiggly.
Simon: ...What are you doing?
Tommie: Eh? Uh... nothing. *clicks it down*
Simon: ...Right.
Tommie: You were saying?
Simon: Here, I have another shape *rattles the shape he's holding*
Tommie: ookey?
Tommie: *blinks*
Simon: Here, I have another shape. *rattles it harder and glares*
Tommie: Materia? [low] What is he on to?
Simon: [Butler, low back] He wants you to mention it's made out of anti-materia.
Simon: What are you two on about? *rattles the shape frantically*
Tommie: *pouts his lips and says* Boy, what might that be? *he points at the shape* [low to the Butler] Why are you here, and where did you come from? No matter now, begone.
Simon: This here, is an exact replica of the other shape. But there is one important difference, which is. *looks at Mr. Black again* [Butler, low back] I serve drinks, and I came from the air vent, sir.
Tommie: It is Materia and the other one is Anti-Materia and if it's combined we can destroy the universe with everything inside it? Or will it just say "Fuck you" to each other? [Low] ...James Bond.
Simon: Precisely, and the thing we are going to demonstrate what happens if we drench the materia shape in first class whiskey, and the anti-materia shape in mustard. *calls for the butler*
Tommie: Mm... eh... *scratches his chin* What... what exactly did you say you were going to do?
Simon: ..
Simon: [Butler] Myes, sir.
Simon: Right, what I am going to do.
Simon: Drench the materia in whiskey and the anti-materia in mustard.
Simon: *nods and puts the anti-materia shape on the brown ebony desk*
Tommie: *raises an eyebrow*
Simon: Will you put that next to this one? *points at the materia shape*
Tommie: Why of course. *looks around before he puts the Materia shape next to the Anti-Materia shape*
Simon: Careful! If you put them too close to eacother they'll implode and create a black hole, consuming this entire desk!
Tommie: Now we wouldn't want that happening, now would we! *lets out a chuckle* *he looks at the shapes with concentrated eyes* [low] Mustn't do the opposite.
Simon: *peers*
Simon: Right.
Simon: Where is that god-for-nothing butler?
Simon: good-for-nothing even.
Tommie: Interesting.
Simon: What is?
Tommie: That your butler hasn't returned yet.
Simon: ..Yes..yes it IS interesting.
Simon: *opens the door and shouts for the butler*
Simon: *no reply*
Simon: *walks to the window and looks out*
Tommie: Might he been injured?
Simon: ..Is that him dancing around in a pink skirt waving a pershian prince over his head?
Simon: *points out the window*
Tommie: I'd say, you must have had to much of what ever you take. *walks to the window*
Tommie: Oh my... *holds for his mouth and gasps*
Simon: *opens the window*
Simon: *coughs*
Tommie: Now, Lord, this is one of the reasons why I don't use Organic servants.
Simon: ..
Simon: *Butler quickly runs inside and arrives at the room 2 seconds later, dressed in his suit*
Simon: [Butler] I have your mustard and whiskey, sire. *shifty-eyes*
Simon: Good, put them by the shapes, will you.
Tommie: *twirls his moustache as he comes closer to the table*
Tommie: My... and what exactly are you planning to achieve from this experiment?
Simon: *starts dumping the mustard over the materia shape* I have, absolutely no idea.
Tommie: I...see.
Simon: *throws away the mustard jar and empties the whiskey over the anti-materia*
Tommie: *focuses with his monocle on the experiment* I wonder what will happen.
Simon: *throws the whiskey bottle in some corner* Now then.
Simon: Time to push them together.
Tommie: *seems to be disturbed and takes one step backwards*
Simon: Uhm..
Simon: *peers at the two shapes*..Butler!
Tommie: This isn't going to end well, I presume?
Simon: Shush, of course it will. Have some faith in science.
Simon: *butler enters the room* You snarled, sir.
Tommie: Oh I do have faith in science, continue.
Simon: Butler, would you be so kind to push these shapes together after myself and Mr. Black have put ourselves at a safe distance?
Tommie: *gets into what seems to be a safe distance "Hrm... right."*
Simon: [Butler] *looks at the..rather soaky shapes* ..Of course, sir. Any specific ritual?
Simon: No, no. Just.. shuv 'em together.
Simon: [Butler] Will do, sir.
Simon: *runs off and stands by Mr. Black* Here we go.
Simon: [Butler shuvs the shapes together]
Tommie: *is alerted*
Simon: What th-
Tommie: Odd.
Simon: Yes, very.
Simon: *Demoman disappears in red smoke*
Simon: ...That's it?
Tommie: Well...
Tommie: That makes alot of sense.
Simon: You think?
Tommie: *slowly shakes his head*
Simon: Yes..yes I guess it does. *nods slowly*
Simon: *camera zooms out towards the roof
Simon: *
Simon: *end credits*
Tommie: *
Simon: "A late night improvised movie*
Tommie: *Awesome face pops up*
Simon: *crowd goes "what th-"*
Simon: THE END[i]

Written and acted by Gotrick and Iritian. (Tommie and Simon)
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The Demoman


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PostSubject: Re: What happens at night.   Sun Mar 08 2009, 06:58

As always, Iritian and Gotrick
Tommie and Simon

Steam again.

Topic: Dawn of War 2
Quote :

Tommie: *The regular meeting with the Militia is about to commence*
Tommie: *Pilus reads loudly from the news, someone yawns*
Tommie: *But then, they can hear loud boots from the stairwell* What the?
Tommie: *Two big Space Marines walks into the Meeting*
Tommie: *With the UltraMarine mark on their shoulder*
Simon: *blue armours*
Tommie: *yes*
Tommie: *one of them takes off their helmet, it is Iritian* HAI GAIS!
Tommie: *silence.*
Simon: *the other one slowly removes his helmet, it is Gotrick* Was that the best phrase you could find..?
Tommie: No. *he bows his head in shame*
Tommie: Oh, James is outside, he is to big to enter the Garrison so we let him wait outside. *A loud voice can be heard outside "For the emperor!" heavy firing then a squeek sound* target eliminated.
Tommie: Roger.
Simon: *everyone are still silent*
Simon: ..Oh, maybe we should explain.
Tommie: Maybe not, they are probably just jealous. *flexes*
Simon: Yeap, you're right.
Simon: *gloats over the militia's missfortune*
Tommie: Now, it would be fun to see how the horde would react if they would ever try to attack Stormwind again. *snickers*
Tommie: *you can hear in the distance banging and clanging followed by a massive "WAAAAAAAGH!"*
Tommie: Orks.
Simon: For the Emperor, Brother. *draws his chainsword and bolt pistol*
Tommie: *puts on his helmet* For the Emperor.
Tommie: James!
Tommie: *they both walk out, leaving a stunned Militia* [Pilus] ...So... on to Friday.

We would kick ass and chew bubble gum. Duke Nukem.
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PostSubject: Re: What happens at night.   Sun Mar 08 2009, 15:15

what substance were you two smoking?
i want some of it
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PostSubject: Re: What happens at night.   

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What happens at night.
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