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 What GH addon's are there?

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PostSubject: What GH addon's are there?   Fri Dec 05 2008, 18:58

Right I might have put a post up here but i can't remember or can be asked to find the post so here...

Pilus can u give me the names of the GH addons plz?

I am confused as to how many there are I've looked on the site and I know of GHI GHR and GHS, so can u help me plz?

sorry for this I get confused to much :S
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PostSubject: Re: What GH addon's are there?   Fri Dec 05 2008, 22:10

I understand it is a bit confusing. There is around 11 different addons planned.

Released and working atm:
GHR: Reputation system
GHI: Item system.
GHM: A menu system that is part of GHI.

Released, but currently broken:
GHS: Subguild addon.
GHD: Data sharing addon. Part of GHS.

All the addons and descriptions (including those planned) can be seen on this page:
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What GH addon's are there?
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