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 WOTLK leader of Ebon Hold **SPOILERS!!!!**

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PostSubject: WOTLK leader of Ebon Hold **SPOILERS!!!!**   Fri Nov 07 2008, 20:01

Darion's father claimed he was a stillbirth, and that he did not truly live until Alexandros had plunged the newborn into a stream. Complications from the birth led to the death of Darion's mother, Elena.

In a battle within the plagued city of Stratholme, in which young Darion insisted on fighting, he took a serious wound from a powerful undead creature, falling unconscious for approximately a day. Upon awakening, the boy described his experience as being surrounded by darkness, before he was shown the way by the Light, which he followed.[2]

Following the apparent death of his father, Darion briefly questioned the Light, but was soon found by Zabra Hexx who claimed to have developed a bond with his father through the Light. Upon being urged by Zabra to find allies and seek out his father in a fortress floating above a burning city, Darion joined the newly formed Order of the Argent Dawn.

At some point, the [Corrupted Ashbringer] came to him following the defeat of his father and Kel'thuzad at Naxxramas over the Eastern Plaguelands. Wanting to save his father, Darion plunged the Ashbringer into his heart which turned him into a death knight like his father.

I really had no idea about this... I thought it would be the real Morgraine that would be leader of the Ebon Hold... still though this could be the son that was in Outland (Refer to the Ashbringer in Scarlet Cathedral Event)
I have never seen this guy before though he was part of the Argent Dawn... seems theres alot more to the Morgraine Family than meets the eye.
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WOTLK leader of Ebon Hold **SPOILERS!!!!**
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