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 Arthas and the Gang.

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PostSubject: Arthas and the Gang.   Sat Oct 25 2008, 00:46

This is a Story I wrote when I was bored, about Arthas and his every day life when hes not trying to conquer Azeroth, but trying to defend the Smoothy Machine. Enjoy
I will keep posting more of the story up until the release of Wotlk.

Arthas and the gang part I

‘Just another day in Azeroth’ said Arthas trying to crush the last peanut to show his godly powers. He stepped of his throne and stuck his foot into to something rather sticky. ‘Noodles!’ Yelled Arthas as his voiced echoed through Northrend. A small undead poodle ran from a dark tunnel, holding what seemed to be its own leg in its mouth. ‘Noodles what have I told you about leaving you Undead Dodos on my throne, especially after I just washed it.’ Arthas walked into a small room beside his throne. He heard a small voice coming form inside it. He walked in and looked up at the large T.V made of ice, Kel’Thuzad appeared on the screen and his words were simple. ‘Super cool awesome really special clever ultra mega special elite super villains’ omega club to Arthas! We are under heavy attack at the SCAR SCUM SESVOC cave we need you quick. Arthas didn’t think he grabbed Noodles and slid down a really slippery poll. He pulled on his Lich King suit and jumped in the Undead mobile (One hundred tons of dead bones and gay enchantments that didn’t really make the car unique) He hit hyper speed and before he could say Super cool awesome really special clever ultra mega special elite super villains omega club go! He was at the SCAR SCUM SESVOC cave. The death knight butlers greeted him quickly as they walked down the half destroyed entrance. ‘Status report’ Said Arthas trying to sound cool. ‘We have eight dead Death Knight Agents, and the Villains are still fighting inside’ said the youngest of the Death Knight’s. ‘Very well’ said Arthas as he stood in the elevator leading down to the base. ‘By the Power of The Dead!’ yelled Arthas looking into the air and wondering why the elevator wasn’t going down. ‘What’s going on?’ said Arthas. ‘It seems that when Illidan was walking his pets the elevator controls got wet.’ ‘Dam him I told him to keep the Naga below, okay I will have to take the stairs.’ Said Arthas in his most serious voice, but just then he noticed Noodles had taken an Undead Wiz on his costume. ‘NOODLES! I just had that dry cleaned, never mind to the stairs!’ Arthas walked down 154 flights of stairs dragging forstmourne with him. ‘Dam if I knew Frostmourne was this heavy I would of told Ner’ Zhull to shove it up his ghostly ass’ thought Arthas to himself. He got to the bottom floor and what he saw widened his eyes ‘No…’ yelled Arthas running towards a giant machine. ‘Not the Smoothes maker you fiend.’ Suddenly Kel’ Thuzad stumbled from a pile of dead naga. ‘Kel’ Thuzad!’ yelled Arthas. ‘Arthas’ yelled Kel’ Thuzad. The room was silent, Kel’ Thuzad tried to crack a joke about how when they say women are fishy they really mean naga women, but Arthas just wasn’t in the mood to talk. ‘They must have taken in back to the Super hero club’ said Arthas looking down at the last remaining smoothes that the dead body of morgraine gripped on to.
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Arthas and the Gang.
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