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 The "To long name" Topic

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The Demoman


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PostSubject: The "To long name" Topic   Sat Oct 18 2008, 22:13

Kek and such...
Mokcha !_!

"Watcho be lookin' at, mon? You be Mojo!" ((And has Different Hair now Very Happy ))

Dinner be Served.((Older Picture))

FISLET! *an Explosion is heared not far away!*

I seeee youuuuuu

((Hmm... maybe only one of Fislet :< )

Horemos The Explorer!

Ah geeez... got Defias Cadaver on my feet...

((Yet again, only one))

Hrm, Myes

Random!(Still mine)

Wizzragal is Jebus!

Ilvellios+Diante=? (Ooooor) AHA! Found ya! Eh...oh... Sorry to disturb ._.' *walks away blushing*

And Finally
Iritian! silent

Iritian is wierd. Suspect

(("Do you like it when I rub your chest?" "Do not Want" if it was Akelka))
((Now things is just getting out of hand >_>))

Do Post any of yours! Anything!
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PostSubject: Re: The "To long name" Topic   Sun Oct 19 2008, 03:09

Iritian Grelik wrote:

aww, so cute that pic ^^
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The "To long name" Topic
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